Tina Marie Jones & Company

Business and Life Mastery Mastermind

for Business Professionals

As business owners we are often expected to know how to do it all AND how to make it work AND how to make it look good AND how to not go broke doing it.

“When our sights are high and we hit the walls of confusion, where do we turn?”
Where do we turn?
- Who do we confide in?
- Who do we trust to help guide us?

- Who can be our sounding board for feedback?

- How do we stay focused and moving forward?

-Where do we best invest our valuable time to gain the most efficient growth in our businesses and in our lives right now?




This Business and Life Mastery Program dives into elements of our lives and our businesses that we do not learn in school with a group  of professional business owners who know and appreciate the power of an intimate mastermind.

What is it?


This group is a sounding board, a knowledge base, a network unlike one you have seen, and it is also so much more.


What will I learn?


We will be reading from masterful success principals that we bring to the group to inspire and uplift our group members


We will be learning the newest technology advancements in the marketplace and masterminding how to apply it to our own businesses


We will be learning from experts how to gain loyal and referring clients


We will be learning physical body language cues you can give your clients to gain trust and rapport


We will be learning how to ask for the referral and get it every time


We will be on calls with mentors who will impart their best wisdom at the perfect time for all


Above all we will be building our own confidence and way of being so that we become an absolute magnet to the wealth and success we desire.


Who is invited?


This group is for serious business owners only


If you are here to master your brand, attract and retain your optimal clients, differentiate yourself from the mainstream and build a body and mind that can enjoy wealth, then

this is your group


if you are here to act and make tremendous progress now, then

this is your group 


At this time - this intimate professional group is for

local Houston business owners only


Only 12 spots are available


How will I benefit?


Gain insight into your own blind spots


Learn the latest in market trends on selling


Advance your own abilities to manifest, create, celebrate


Network with people who WILL connect you with others for your success


Experience a no competition environment for your advancement 

If you are interested in hearing more..
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Who is your facilitator?


Many of us highly value our time and also keep watch on our money - those are both very key to success. Tina Marie knows before we invest our time or our money we have invested one thing that is of the utmost importance, our attention.


What we give our attention span to becomes our reality.


In that your facilitator knows who you will be sharing your attention span with is crucial to your happiness,  Tina Marie deeply honors and respects your intentions to join this professional group.



Coach Tina Marie

Tina Marie Jones - St.Cyr
Professional Business Consultant and Strategic Life Coach 
Tina Marie Jones-St.Cyr began her career at a young age having started two home based businesses by the age of 12 and encouraging her own mother to do the same. She grew her love of commerce through college, emerging with a business degree in systems analysis and design into corporate America.


Her entrepreneurial spirit was rewarded by being on the teams of many high profile projects within an emerging deregulated energy marketplace. Since that start she has added extensive knowledge and mastery of product development, technology, sales and marketing, media, film, global distribution, and capital markets to her resume. Tina Marie Jones-St.Cyr has built 6 ‘brick and mortar’ businesses, all in trending markets, and consulted with many startups, as well as established businesses in various verticals. She has sat at the helm of international operations and side by side with political giants to have her voice and the needs of her clients heard.


Her specialty is identifying distribution points that will return the most profit in the shortest time possible so as to self fund the business and create a foundation of measurable growth. Most clients who add Tina Marie to their teams find her business acumen, unique perception, quick response, fearlessness, and extensive global network to be refreshing and a much appreciated asset to their teams. One of her clients once commented that, “She pulled me into my dream so fast and created so much success I had no chance to turn back.”


Tina Marie is certified in Professional Life Coaching through the Life Mastery Institute, The International Coaching Federation, The Robbins-Madanes Training for Strategic Intervention, and the Strategic Intervention Excellence Program


She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems, a minor in Chemistry, a Masters in Holistic Nutrition and is Licensed with the State of Texas in General Lines


Founder, Principal at Tina Marie Jones & Company, LLC. 



Voted one of Houston's Top 10 Most Dynamic Business Women by Houston Magazine

 "Top Influential Leaders" in Texas by Origin Magazine in 2012


Talk Show Host, The Power of Transformation on the Good Life Networks

Talk Show Host, Holistic Living on Voice America

Two time Best Selling Featured Contributing Author, Everything’s Subject to Change with Gregg Reid, and Thinking Upside Down Living Right Side Up with Bardi Toto

Award winning radio talk show host, speaker and business woman

Founder of The B.O.S.S. Network

Contributing Author to the Thank God I series with her story “Thank God I was Ugly” published in the Empowered Woman Edition